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Who We Are

My name is Ryan Nagy, founder of Rocky Mountain Exteriors & Interiors Inc.  In 1995 I moved to Calgary from a small Saskatchewan town to work for a family business, which specialized in building envelope services.  I worked for this business for 16 years before moving on to create my own vision.

As you can imagine, building envelope work is generally a fairly seasonal occupation. So naturally I followed in my father’s footsteps, taking carpentry and small handyman-type jobs in the winter months and in my off hours. My father is a journeyman carpenter, farmer and custom sawmill operator who is retired now. I worked and learned with him through all of these tasks as a young boy. It was in these lessons that I learned the value of pride, craftsmanship, integrity and hard work.

I brought these tools with me to Calgary and, over time (and many adjustments to big city life), became a responsible, dependable, efficient and reliable force to be reckoned with. In the 16 years working for the family business, I wasn’t just doing the work, I was shaping my future.

In 2012, the future came knocking. While I’ll always appreciate the opportunities provided me, 16 years is a long time to work for a family business! It was quite clear the time to move on had arrived so I created a company based around what I knew and what I was really good at.  That company was called Rocky Mountain Exteriors Inc.  I was honorable and respectful enough to carve out my own niche, not directly competing with the family business I had just left. I found new clients… my own clients, and I played the game “above the line.”

Starting on my own, it wasn’t hard to incorporate all the things that were important to me; honesty, integrity, dependability, responsibility, consideration and reliable solutions. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy and it was very scary. At the time, my wife Laurie and I had two children under the age of 5 (There were bills to pay!).

The first year of business was very successful and I hired Mike. It was important to me that my guys had the same work ethic and pride in their work. Mike was all of that. Our client base grew throughout that first summer and the work was pouring in. Unfortunately for me, Mike wanted to move on and carve his own niche in the world… closer to home and family, which I respect and applaud.

I started hiring guys, went through quite a few in all honesty, and started building a team I could rely on. In the meantime I was doing small renovations to keep the cash flow rolling and was starting to get a lot of requests via word of mouth. Word of mouth is the ultimate proof that you’re doing something right and I was starting to realize that we could expand and provide reliable and trustworthy renovation services. Within two years my little home-based company had grown to require a warehouse and office space.

In 2014, I renamed the company to reflect our new direction and we became Rocky Mountain Exteriors & Interiors Inc. We now had a regular client base in the caulking and envelope “Exterior” services side of the business which consisted of many of the big commercial builders, property management companies and engineers. The “Interior” side of things was growing quickly as well.  It was time to separate ourselves from the diluted and questionable pack of home renovation contractors out there. We created a fully functional showroom to showcase our workmanship and surrounded ourselves with like minded, reliable tradespeople.

As a team, we always strive to be the best. I will accept nothing less. We continue to grow and expand our services. We like to give back to the community, have helped raise funds for many causes and have volunteered to help those in need. We have been rewarded with clients that have blossomed into friendships, respect in our field and the opportunity to work on some pretty neat projects.

We will continue to expand our services and I hope we can bring our experience and services to you. I look forward to the opportunity to meet!

Ryan Nagy

Our Vision & Mission Statement

At Rocky Mountain Exteriors & Interiors we take our company culture to heart. All of the staff we hire are team players who take pride in their work. They are reliable, honest and trustworthy, which is exactly what you’d hope for with a contractor.

Our team is expected to polite, punctual and respectful of other people’s opinions, thoughts and time. They have a goal of completing tasks in a timely matter, not matter what the project may be, while delivering quality work that our clients can depend on.

Each member of the team ensures they do the job the right way the first time. At Rocky Mountain Exteriors & Interiors we don’t believe in shortcuts. We hire critical thinkers who are able to use past experience, their skills and resourcefulness to solve problems independently. Because of this, they’re able to save time and money that may have been otherwise spent looking to someone else for a solution.

No matter what your home improvement project is, you can trust in our Calgary team, who will be with you every step of the way.

Our History

2012 - CTrain line refurbishment

Begin 7 Ave LRT refurbishment project, which yields about 9,000 lineal feet of concrete flatwork caulking application.

2013 - Flood Repairs Around the City

  • Begins target exterior maintenance project which includes work on four target acquisitions and transformations.
  • Calgary Floods. Rocky Mountain Exteriors Inc. donates time and equipment to flood affected residents.
  • Completed work on Scotiabank Saddledome flood repairs.
  • Finished glazing installation on Marriot Residence Inn refurbishment project.
  • Completed interior renovations on flood damaged basements in Erlton and Rideau areas using flood proof/salvageable materials, potentially savings homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs should another significant flood occur.

2014 - Name Change

  • Reincorporate under new name: Rocky Mountain Exteriors & Interiors Inc. to reflect growing services provided.
  • Completes extensive parkade repairs at Fanning Centre.
  • Residential renovations projects yearly total: 10

2015 - Company Continues to Grow

  • Completed Chinook Regional Parkade sealant maintenance in Lethbridge.
  • Residential renovation projects yearly total: 12
  • Sealant maintenance projects yearly total: 42

2016 - Begin Highfield Developments Project

  • Large scale commercial building demising project for Highfield Developments, including interior renovations.
  • Residential renovation projects yearly total: 18
  • Sealant maintenance projects yearly total: 40

2017 - Arts Commons

  • Arts Commons sealant maintenance program awarded.
  • High Prairie Shopping Complex exterior & envelope refurbishment contract.
  • Residential renovation projects yearly total: 27
  • Sealant maintenance projects yearly total: 58

2018 - Selected for Property Brothers

Selected as contractor for ‘Property Brothers Buying & Selling’ season 6 in Calgary, AB.