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Residential & Commercial Exterior Services

We all want our home to give off the right first impression and sometimes all it takes is a few changes to make a huge difference when it comes to curb appeal.

We can help you bring your home up-to-date and give it a fresh look. Some of our services include masonry, siding and stucco installations as well as residential/commercial glazing or window installation and painting.

The backyard is quickly becoming the new place to entertain family and friends. Have you always wanted an outdoor entertaining area with a summer kitchen?  Another growing trend is the backyard bar. No matter what your home renovation project needs may be, we’re here to help. We build beautiful, custom decks and patios made to fit your lifestyle.

We would be more than happy to schedule an on-site visit to make sure you have peace of mind before you go ahead with your investment. We also offer custom metal flashing fabrication and installation for all residential and commercial applications.

Perhaps what sets us apart from other exterior contractors is our experience in building envelope repairs. Everyone wants a beautiful home, but if there are water-related damages to the walls, or heat loss through the windows, it doesn’t matter what the outside looks like. We ensure that you have an efficient, safe home.

We have the professionals on staff to see your project through from leak investigation to concept/design, permit acquisition, and construction right through to the finished product.

Flashing & Cladding

Aluminum and steel flashing details assist a building’s exterior. One way it does this is by aiding in the deflection of wind-driven rain, hail and snow, all things we see quite often throughout the year in Calgary. Additionally, it allows for proper drainage, acting as a termination point between two or more materials which are not compatible.

Flashing and cladding add life and beautification to a wide variety of exterior applications, such as wooden window frames, deck facing and more, on a residential level. Commercial, industrial, institutional and residential structures often require a variety of flashing details, ranging from parapet flashings to window header flashings, sill flashings and skirt flashings. We also provide vertical application sheet metal installation.

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Interior & Exterior Painting

Rocky Mountain Exteriors & Interiors is able to provide painting services for both indoor and outdoor applications. We do this by using high-end products with long-lasting adhesion. Our painting division will ensure your home looks like new.

Exterior painting

Nothing adds more curb appeal than freshening up the look of your home. Whether you’re adding new siding or want to paint the exterior, we can help. We offer customized paint jobs that match the look you’re going for, with a quality that will make your house stand out.

Interior painting

Our interior painting services can turn your home into the beautiful, welcoming oasis you’ve dreamed of. Using a variety of techniques, including spray application, brush and roll we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the end results. The distressed wood look is popular right now which is another area we specialize in. Distressed wood gives your home a distinguished look that can also add comfort.