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Our Calgary Renovators Will Get Your Home Improvement Project Off On the Right Foot.

Home Improvement

Have a complete fixer-upper? We’ve got this! We will work with you to create a sensible budget and create designs to turn your old investment into your dream home. A complete home improvement project is a large undertaking, but don’t let it deter you. Every home has potential, you just need the right team to help realize yours.

Our Calgary general contractors will provide extensive reports on all aspects of your property’s condition so that you know where you stand before creating the budget to remodel. Complete home improvement projects need careful planning and dedication. We’ll sit with you to begin designing sketches of what you want each room to look like. This is the first step in making your dream home come true.

Together we can decide which walls can be knocked down if you’re going for open concept, and which are load bearing and will have to stay. With our experience we can help find the right solutions to make sure your home improvement project goes smoothly. Our team can provide you with a level of confidence to ensure your home improvement endeavour is completed with peace of mind.

Sometimes buying a home in the area you want means sacrificing on size. Or, in other cases, you found the perfect home and then quickly outgrew it. Whatever the case may be, you know you need more space. We can add a home addition or extension that will give you that space you need without having to move. Home additions and home extensions offer more than just the extra square footage to your home, they can also increase resale value, functionality and comfort.

Other Renovation Services

Our Main Products and Services
  • Calgary Bathroom Remodel


    Another high maintenance area of the home is the bathroom. Dingy looking bathtubs, inadequate counter-top space and dated flooring or fixtures might be one reason to remodel. Unfortunately a common reason for a bathroom renovation is water damage. Often these damages can go undetected for long periods of time.

  • Kitchen renovation Calgary


    Some of the biggest moments and best memories take place in the kitchen. It just so happens that the kitchen is also the biggest selling feature of your home and can provide the biggest return on investment… if done properly.

  • Custom home renovation


    Do you have an unfinished basement and are in need of some basement design ideas? At Rocky Mountain Exteriors & Interiors we specialize in recreating any space and turning it into your new favorite place.

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    The building envelope includes the materials that comprise the foundation, wall assembly, roofing systems, glazing, doors, and any other penetrations. The connections and compatibility between these elements is critical to ensure that the building envelope functions as intended.