Start your home renovation project right

So you’re planning to remodel… what are the next steps?

If you’re planning a home renovation, one of the first things you should do is clarify what exactly you can’t live without, what features would be nice to have and what features you can live without.

Need/Want/Don’t Need

Having this list in hand before getting into the nitty gritty will make it easier throughout the whole process. Once you’ve completed the list, the next step is to assess your home in it’s current state and see how it measures up. This not only helps create your budget, but it also keeps you on track throughout the whole home renovation process. This might also prompt you to make the decision… should I stay, or should I go?

A few questions that you should consider before a home renovation project are:

Is the cost of remodelling going to make sense in relation to the market value of your home?

How long do you plan to be in your home or how long will my home work for me?

Make sure when assessing your current home that you approach it as if you’re seeing it through a prospective buyer’s eyes.

Plan for worst case scenarios and pleasantly surprise yourself when you come in under budget and ahead of schedule!

Rocky Mountain Exteriors & Interiors Inc. has been helping clients assess their needs prior to starting a project. We’ve helped many customers with estimating and planning for their pending renovations, as well as met with many clients during the home buying stage to help them make informed decisions before making an offer.  We can do this for you too!


Many people save their money for years towards remodelling their home into their dream home.  There’s nothing wrong with that but… why not finance the project and start living in your dream home now?